Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Double 4th of July Ilyon Chronicles Cover Reveal

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The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It always has been. It’s fully summer and warm (usually) and I love it. I’m a total summer/warm weather girl. I NEED summer. So yes, this is definitely my favorite holiday.

What does that have to do with Ilyon? Absolutely nothing. Lol! But I thought, why not celebrate with a cover reveal? I wasn’t going to reveal the cover for Bitter Winter until I had a set release date, but then I changed my mind. It seemed like a fun thing to do on my favorite holiday. Not only that, but I’m revealing the cover for Bitter Winter’s companion novella, Lacy! I also happened to realize while making the graphics that the colors match the holiday perfectly—blue and red! Crazy coincidence.

You can read more about them and see the covers below. It’s kind of funny that they both take place in the winter and here I am revealing them in the middle of summer. ;)

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About the Book

Already struggling with a harsh winter and the threat of food shortage, a catastrophic event leaves those in the Landale camps reeling. Just when things couldn’t get much worse, camp members fall ill with the same devastating sickness that’s sweeping across the country.

Determined to gain the cure, Jace sets off to Valcré. However, there are only two sources—the queen, or a powerful gang of smugglers who have made the dangerous city their home. When Jace gains audience with the gang leader, he finds the price of the cure is steeper than any of them imagined, forcing him to make an impossible choice—betray his conscience or let those he loves die.


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About the Book

The last thing Aaron ever envisioned was falling for a prostitute. Everything about it spells trouble. However, he can’t help noticing the way her smile lights up when she sees him and how much brokenness she hides behind it. Neither can he ignore how desperately she needs rescue and protection.

When Lacy shares a life or death secret with him, Aaron is willing to risk everything to help her and to show her Elôm’s love. Yet, such a choice could destroy his reputation and maybe even cost him his freedom.


Now, as I said, I don’t have a release date, but I hope to have a better idea in the next month or two as I go over my feedback from my beta readers.


  1. EEEE! I'm super excited for these sequels! The covers are gorgeous! Red and blue on the Fourth of July? What a coincidence!

    I'm super glad that, despite of life's trials and changes, you never gave up on your love of writing (even with the boring editing) ;).

    In the meantime, enjoy your summer and have a wonderful Independence Day!

    PS: as a member of your streat team, I'll help the word as much as I can! :)

  2. Those covers are . . . GORGEOUS!!!!! Happy Fourth.

  3. *squeals* The covers are gorgeous!!! Happy Fourth from Canada!

  4. Wow.....amazing. I'm so excited right now!! I showed my brother, who LOVES the series, and he couldn't wait to read Bitter Winter. I think he's a little hesitant about Lacy, though. But we can't wait to get back to reading about our favorite characters!

  5. I have only read half blood and the first book and I LOVE them by the way. 😉 Anyway I was wondering if you know when they are coming out yet.