Monday, March 6, 2023

Ink Dragon Press


I've got a little bit of an announcement to make. I have decided to change the name of my publishing company to Ink Dragon Press. This is something I've been planning for quite some time now. A couple of years, at least, but I didn't want to do it until after all of the Ilyon books were released so that there would be no variation in the covers. Now that Daican's Heir is available, I can finally start using the new name.

Why did I change it? I don't really have a specific answer other than I just wasn't "feeling" Living Sword Publishing anymore. I still think it's a cool publishing name, but, as with many things you do when you are young, you realize it's just not you anymore once you're fully into adulthood.

So, going forward, all of my writing projects will be published under Ink Dragon Press. Eventually, I probably will change the Ilyon Chronicles paperback covers over to reflect this change (it will only be a minor change of adding the logo to the spine in place of the LSP). But for now, they will remain the same. 

Along with this change, I have also re-opened my publishing company Etsy shop. If you were part of my Nerd Cat Creations newsletter last week, you will have seen that I, unfortunately, have to shut down that shop due to Shopify increasing the price of their subscriptions. That was where I was selling autographed books and Ilyon merchandise, but it will now be available on Etsy instead. You can check it out here. (I'm still working on getting everything switched over to the shop.)

I'm really excited about the new name and the new logo and can't wait for what projects will one day be published under it.