Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Special Unveiling

On Facebook a couple of days ago I mentioned that I woke up on Monday with terrible neck and shoulder pain from spending too much time on the computer over the weekend. Well, there was a good reason for it. Those hours I spent ruining my back was on account of this:


That’s right, I have started a forum! I’ve had ideas for this for quite a long time. I wasn’t sure if it would ever amount to anything, so I never did anything about it. Instead, I set up a group on Goodreads to sort of test the waters. That group has grown into an incredibly fun place to interact with readers. I’m sure it will grow even more as I release more Ilyon Chronicles books.

However, I do know that a lot of readers are not on Goodreads. So, considering the fun we’ve all had on Goodreads, I decided to try out a forum for any readers who would like the same sort of experience. Even readers who are already part of the Goodreads group are welcome to join if they wish. There’s tons of fun to be had, so don’t be shy about joining in and letting your friends know about the new forum. In time, I hope to see it grow to be as active as the Goodreads group. I’d love to see you there! :)

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