Thursday, November 1, 2018

Things are happening!

I was trying to think of an epic title for this blog post and that’s basically all I came up with. Because, really, that’s the big thing. I feel like so much has NOT been happening in the writing side of my life for a while. Finally that’s changing. But I won’t keep you in suspense. Here’s what’s happening:


Aaahhh! Bitter Winter FINALLY has a release date! Lacy too. They are both coming out on December 14th! You probably feel like it has taken forever to get to this point. Trust me. So. Do. I. Absolutely forever. But it’s finally happening. Both Kindle books are up for pre-order! Sadly, Amazon STILL doesn’t allow its authors to set pre-orders for paperbacks. *sigh* So that will have to wait until the release day.

Pre-Order Bitter Winter

Pre-Order Lacy


Since many of you are also fans of Tricia Mingerink, you know that her 5th book in The Blades of Acktar series is coming out on December 18th, only 4 days after BW and Lacy. So we’re joining forces to bring you an epic co-release! As part of the blog tour, we’re going to do Q&A chats with both Ilyon and Acktar characters. TOGETHER. That’s right, our characters will be in the same “room” with each other. This means we need questions from you, our awesome, loyal fans!

Just follow the link below to visit the form Tricia created and submit all those burning questions. We’ll have more info and a sign up form for the tour itself sometime in the next few weeks. So make sure you check back if you want to be part of the blog tour!

Ilyon & Acktar Character Questions Form


  1. So exciting! Do you do book launches? I’d love to be a part of one for you. My email is Always enjoy your work!🙂

  2. I am soooooo excited for both of you authors!! Love both series and can’t wait!! Pre-ordered!!!!! Thank you so much! Christmas early :)

  3. Eep! This is so exciting!! <3 <3 :D Congrats, Jaye!!

  4. I'm so thrilled for you, Jaye! And excited for the new releases!!

  5. How VERY EXCITING for you!! Woohoo!

    I guess I'm just now following your blog for the first time. Don't know I wasn't following before! :)


  6. EEEEK!!! So excited for this! CONGRATULATIONS JAYE!!! I love reading about your characters so much, and I have converted a friend of mine to the fandom (I lent him my copies). Keep up the good work!!