Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Review—No Other Will Do


About the Book

Men are optional. That's the credo Emma Chandler's suffragette aunts preached and why she started a successful women's colony in Harper's Station, Texas. But when an unknown assailant tries repeatedly to drive them out, Emma admits they might need a man after all. A man who can fight--and she knows just the one.

Malachi Shaw finally earned the respect he craved by becoming an explosives expert for the railroad. Yet when Emma's plea arrives, he bolts to Harper's Station to repay the girl who once saved his life. Only she's not a girl any longer. She's a woman with a mind of her own and a smile that makes a man imagine a future he doesn't deserve.

As the danger intensifies, old feelings grow and deepen, but Emma and Mal will need more than love to survive.

My Review: 5

I am so behind in reviewing this book, but you know, life. Anyway, as I always say, Karen Witemeyer is one of my top favorite historical writers. I look forward to every one of her books. I really enjoyed No Other Will Do. I probably liked it even better than the last two books that came out. I loved Malachi, and Emma was one of the more likeable heroines I’ve read about. (I always seem to have issues with the heroines. I’m just weird that way.) This book was particularly interesting because it took place in a women’s colony. That is something I’ve never read about before.

I think the only disappointment I actually had with this book was the cover. I miss how the old covers looked. I thought it made Karen’s books more unique. This one looks too much like so many other historical romances. But that’s just me, and it did nothing to detract from the story. Seriously, if you enjoy historical romance and haven’t checked out Karen Witemeyer’s book yet, you absolutely must.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I'm glad to hear you liked it. I enjoy most of Witemeyer's books but have been debating whether or not to pick this one up because of the womens' colony. I've read a few by other authors where a number of widows have decided to forgo contact with men and I never really cared for those stories. But, I think I'll give Witemeyer's a try.

  2. I love Karen Witemeyer's books! She's one of my favorite historical authors. I just recently finished another one of her recent releases: A Worthy Pursuit, which is one of my new favorites by her. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to get my hands on this one yet, but I really need to do so soon.