Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Spotlight—Space Kitties

Hey! Today I’m sharing a book spotlight for the anthology, Space Kitties! I have not read any of these stories, but if you love kitties as much as I do, you should check it out. ;)


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Space Kitties:

Book Description:

"Close your eyes. Imagine kitties were in space. Open your eyes. Read"

Light-hearted tales of feline adventure from across the cosmos, by a collection of authors from across the country. Many sci-fi fans have noticed the lack of an animal element in their fare for a long time.. and now we have changed that! Eleven far thinking spec-fic authors banded together for a collection of fun, unique and suspenseful stories about kitties in space. What could be better?

Subtly humor-slanted focus, to be in keeping with the cute and fuzzy kitty on the cover. A variety of styles... and varying lengths: from 300 words to 10k... and a wide range of subjects & themes.... all with a cat involved with outer space in some way.

Join this twelve pack of literary entries as kitties take to the stars amid the cosmos of your imagination... 

5-Star Review Excerpt:

"If you like cats and if you like science fiction, you will get a kick out of this delightful little book. There are stories with serious points and there are stories that are just plain fun." - Steve Mathisen, excerpt from an Amazon review 

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