Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celebration End, Giveaway and Contest Winners, and a Special Announcement!

Well, today marks the last of the Resistance Anniversary Celebration (along with the Q&A over at the Ilyon blog). But, before I get to any of that, I have an exciting announcement. Half-Blood now has a release date! July 14th! Not only that, but the Kindle version is available for pre-order on Amazon for $1.99!

I'm so excited to soon be able to share it with all of you. And, of course, since I now have a release date, that means planning release day activities. I am going to hold a blog tour. Since this is a novella and July is going to be a busy month, it's going to be smaller than my other blog tours. I won't be doing as many different kinds of posts and interviews will be limited to three questions, but I would love to have you join in and help me share the news of the release! If you want to participate, you can do so by filling out the form here.

Now, back to the original point of this post. I just want to thank you all for making this month so much fun! It was a lot of work, but I hope you enjoyed all the posts and activities. I still can't believe Resistance has been out for a full year.

So you're probably wondering about the giveaway winners right? Okay, here they are:

Autographed copy of Resistance: Hope B.
Autographed copy of The King's Scrolls: Kimberly H.
Autographed copy of Half-Blood: Emily K.
e-ARC copy of Half-Blood: Amanda F.
Jewelry: Laura E.
Jewelry: Alea H.

Congratulations, everyone! I will be contacting you for your information!

As for the photo contest, my goodness, it was a tough decision. You all sent in so many awesome photos! I was absolutely delighted to see them all. But, since I had to narrow it down to one winner, I chose...

This photo by Grace and her siblings. It's of her and her sister as Kyrin and Meredith, and it made me go "Aww!" So congratulations to Grace and her siblings! And thank you to everyone else who sent in photos. They were all so amazing!

Once again, thank you all for participating in the festivities this month! I shall now get back to focusing on writing and editing so I can get you more books! :D


  1. Congratulations Hope, Kimberly, Emily, Amanda, Laura, and Alea!!!! And Grace! That is an adorable picture! <3
    Jaye, would you ever post the other photos that were submitted?

    1. Ooh, yes. It would be fun to see the other pictures.