Friday, November 25, 2022

Holiday Sales and a Pre-Order

It's that time of year again when sales abound. Today is particularly exciting because, not only do I have sales to offer, but the Daican's Heir Kindle book is up for pre-order! (Unfortunately, Amazon still doesn't allow indie authors to set paperbacks for pre-order.) This is extremely exciting for me. After all the many years I've worked on this book, I can hardly believe it is now there on Amazon. Ahhh! Now, don't panic when you see the release date set for all the way next fall. That is simply to give myself peace of mind and a ton of wiggle room. Right now, I'm very confident it will have an early 2023 release, and I'll update it as soon as I know for certain. The pre-order is also on sale for the next few days and will go up to $3.99 after Monday.

I also put every one of my other Ilyon books on sale for 99¢ each! This is the first time they have all been that low, and if you haven't started the series or haven't gotten through all the books, now is the time to grab them in preparation for the release of Daican's Heir!

Of course, I also have sales on my shop website and Etsy (this is how I actually make my living). All clothing and accessories are 15% off through the weekend and Monday. Unfortunately, this doesn't include the paperbacks of my books. Since I already offer free shipping on everything, I can't discount them or I'd lose money. *sigh* But all Ilyon Chronicles shirts and other fun merch are included in the sale! My shop has items for nerds, book lovers, writers, Christians, and kids and babies! Just about everything is on my personal shop website (plus some things not found anywhere else), but if you'd prefer to shop on Etsy, I'll include the links to my shops there as well.

If you've already read all of my books and are looking for something new to read, make sure to check out this huge book sale for clean fiction! Every single book is under $1. You can't go wrong with that. (This is also your subtle nudge to check out Elven Alliance by Tara Grayce if you haven't already. One of my favorite series EVER.)

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