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Mice and Marriage Blog Tour—Excerpt

What do mice and marriage have in common? I don't know, but now I'm curious to read Sophie Dawson's new book, Mice and Marriage!

About the Book

Noelle Copeland has no intention of ever letting another man break her heart. She’s content to take care of her two boys and help her brother around the church. That is until a mouse sends her onto a table screaming like she’s being murdered, and a handsome, heroic man comes to her rescue. Now, she finds her heart longing for Turner Metcalf, but he’s keeping things from her. She wonders if she can trust him not only with her heart but her sons’ hearts as well.

Turner Metcalf is a man on a mission. He’s in town for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season for one reason only; to protect his sister and her new husband. He has a secret life he isn’t willing to give up. That is until he comes to the rescue of Noelle Copeland. Now, his heart is drawn to the one thing he never thought he could have; a future. He finds himself falling for the divorced mother of two and her sons.

Can he survive his secret mission long enough to let her know? Or will his frequent travel and hidden agenda end things before they really get started? Will he live through his mission and be able to consider a future with this ready-made family? What about Noelle’s ex-husband and his new girlfriend? Will they mess things up for Noelle and Turner? Can love find a way to overcome the doubts of a woman afraid of Mice and Marriage?

Love and marriage come to us inspired by many things. Who would have thought that mold, spots, and mice would bring love and marriage? Well, they have. The Love's Infestation Series continues with Mice and Marriage.

You can find the book on Amazon!

About the Author

Sophie Dawson has made up stories in her head all her life. It wasn’t until 2011 that she began writing typing them out.

Her first books were all historical fiction romance. They’ve won multiple awards and garnered rave reviews. Now, Sophie has branched out into contemporary romance though she plans to continue writing historical and hopes to add more books in her popular Cottonwood and Stones Creek series.

Sophie lives with her husband and very old cat on a farm in western Illinois. She’s an avid seamstress and was a professional quilter for a number of years before the writing bug bit. She’s just thankful it’s not fatal.


“Eeek!!” Noelle dropped the toy mouse she’d found in her work shoe. She swiped it up into her hand and stormed out of her bedroom. It was Friday morning, and she was getting ready to take the boys to school and herself to the clinic.

“Who put this in my shoe?” She’d gone into the boys’ room and found them giggling. Her angry tone made them quit and stand stiff, looking at her. Their slightly fearful expressions made her stop and think. It wasn’t a real mouse. It was a toy. Just because she was afraid of real mice didn’t mean she had to fear this little thing. She smiled, which made Camden and Mace relax. “Did Turner give you this to put in my shoe?”

“He didn’t say to put it in your shoe. We thought that up by ourselves.” Mace looked so pleased at their accomplishment.

“Well, it was a good hiding place. It certainly startled me.” Noelle turned to go.

“Mommy, can we have the mouse back?” Camden held out his hand, looking hopeful. “Please?”

“Um, I don’t think so. I’ll just keep it. Do you have anymore?”

“No. We don’t have anymore.” Both boys spoke at the same time.

She looked at them. They seemed just a bit too innocent to her.

Back in her room, Noelle placed the mouse on the floor and set her shoe on top of it, pressing down just a bit. The pink nose just peeked out from below. She got her phone and took a picture. Found this in my shoe. See what happens to mice around here? She sent the message to Turner’s phone.

A couple of minutes later her phone beeped, indicating a new message.

Poor little mouse. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. A crying emoji came a second later.

Noelle smiled and finished getting ready for work.

At lunch she checked her phone. There was a message from Turner. It was a photo. Turner standing with Prince Albert and his wife, Princess Charlene, smiling.

When they arrived home that evening, Camden and Mace got a snack and settled around the coffee table doing their homework. Noelle went to put some laundry in the dryer. She opened the door. In the lint trap sat another furry gray mouse. This time she didn’t scream, but she did jump a little.

Now she knew what was going on. Turner had given the boys the mice and told them to hide them where she could find them. It also explained the oh-so-innocent looks on her sons’ faces. Hopefully, they hadn’t outright lied to her that morning when she’d asked if they had any more mice. Maybe they’d already hidden them all, so technically they didn’t have any more. It was splitting hairs a little, but she was going to let it pass and play along.

“Eeeek!” Noelle yelled from the door to the laundry room. She heard giggles from the great room. “I thought you guys said you don’t have any more of those mice.”

“We don’t,” Camden yelled back.

More giggles.

Yep, they had hidden more mice around the house. Who knew how many she’d find as she went about her routine. She’d have to react to each one. That would delight her boys, which would make her happy.


To celebrate the release, Sophie is running a giveaway! You can enter over on her website:

She is giving away three prizes!

1st prize is a signed copy of Mice and Marriage, a tote bag with the book cover on it, and a cute mouse.
2nd prize is an eBook copy of Mice and Marriage
3rd prize is an eBook copy of Mice and Marriage

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