Friday, May 5, 2017

A Friday Post

Such an original post title, right? :P Anyway, I just had a couple things to share. First of all, Samara’s Peril is one of five finalists for the Realm Maker’s Alliance Award!!


I was so excited/shocked/stunned to see it! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for it. Obviously, I wouldn’t even be in the running without you. I’m equally excited for the other finalists who are all friends/acquaintances. I have to say, I’m particularly happy for Tricia Mingerink. You know how I adore her books. Defy deserves this. ;) The final round of voting will begin on May 10th. Make sure to visit the Alliance Award page then and cast your votes for your favorites.

Item number 2 of this post: I gave my website a major overhall. As if I needed more work. But I like website work, so it was something fun to do. I added a fun FAQs section, plus shared my favorite books. So you can check it out here.


Item number 3: It’s May. I don’t know if anyone remembered, but May is usually when I have my annual fan art contest. It didn’t even cross my mind until like the last two days of April. I could have set it up real quick, but I decided to move it ahead one month to June. That way, the school year will be over and it might give everyone a little extra time to participate. Agree? So I will officially be taking submissions to the contest on June 1st. I’ll post more details closer to that date. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t start working on things now. ;)


And lastly, item number 4: Charlemagne is my forty-two times great-grandfather. :D I just had to throw that in there. My family and I have a lot of fun doing genealogy on, and a couple of days ago I was tracing one of my mom’s lines back as far as I could and next thing I know I found a connection to Charlemagne and was able to trace the entire line. For a history buff like me, it was one of the coolest things ever. Everyone wants to find out they’re descended from royalty, right? ;)



  1. Congratulations on Samara’s Peril being one of the five finalists for the Realm Maker’s Alliance Award!!!

    I just saw your new website... ITS TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!! You did such a great job with it!!!

    Yay for the annual fan art contest!!! I was already going to ask you if there was going to be a fan art contest this year ;). Thanks for the extra time, hopefully I will have my piece done soon =D

    And its so cool you can trace you ancestors (I know I wish I could)!

  2. Lovely website! And congrats on Samara's Peril making it to the finals! So exciting!! :D

  3. I hope Samara's Peril gets the award! =D
    Yay, the fan art contest! I hope I can draw something awesome. ;)
    Wow, that is so cool that you're related to a king from so far back! I find those things so intriguing!

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  5. the above comment was me. it did something weird.
    Anyway, I just found your blog. The older I get, the more I become a history buff. You're related to Charlemagne? That's so cool! Apparently, somehow on my mom's side of the family we're related to Daniel Boone. :)

  6. P.S. Check out my new (and only) blog:

  7. Congrats. Its cool that you're descended from Charlemagne. Allegedly millions of people are (so you've a lot of distant relatives). Its also been said that if you can trace any English heritage back far enough, you're very likely to be descended from one of the Plantagenet Kings too- most likely Edward III.