Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Crossways Blog Tour—Character Spotlight

I have another blog tour post for you today! This one is a spotlight for Morgan Elizabeth Huneke’s character, Rae. She sounds absolutely adorable. Make sure you check out my post from Monday for all the information about Morgan’s new book, including a giveaway!

Character Spotlight: Rae

Appearance: Small and delicate, tanned skin, brown eyes, and somewhat scraggly brown hair.

Age: 6

History: Rae is Adriel’s youngest sister and the baby of the family. She, like the others, was born as a slave on Tuvya and Jardeena’s plantation. She’s very sweet, but she has never been very strong, so she is not often able to do all her work, and is therefore not a very valuable slave.

Author’s Notes: Every story needs a super cute little girl, right? Rae definitely is one. She’s cute, and sweet, and little, and exactly what Adriel needs. I created her character at the same time as Adriel, when I wrote his opening scene…where he was whipped for her. She provided the perfect balance for him.

One thing I really love about Rae is the simplicity of her childlike faith. She never doubts God. She’s always encouraging Adriel, praying for him, and doing her best to help him control his temper. She really does believe, and her faith never wavers. Still, she is very timid, and depends on Adriel a lot. I just love their relationship, how they take care of each other, depend on each other, and how they love each other so much. I’ve always loved writing sibling relationships, and theirs is one of my favorites.


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  1. That's great! I LOVE Rae! So adorable and sweet!!!

  2. Hi, Jaye! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Amazing You tag. I'd really love to see your answers! I know they'll be *cough* amazing. ;) Hope you can do it!