Resistance Audiobook Blog Tour


Monday, November 18
·         Tour Start at Jaye L. Knight
·         Spotlight at Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
·         Spotlight at Elrich's Expressions
·         Spotlight at Read Write Breathe

Tuesday, November 19
·         Author Interview at Jenna Terese
·         Author Interview at Author E.E. Rawls
·         Spotlight at Active-Writing

Wednesday, November 20
·         Narrator Video Interview at Liv K. Fisher
·         Spotlight at Jessica Greyson
·         Spotlight at The Music of a Story

Thursday, November 21
·         Spotlight at Backing Books
·         Author Interview at Inspiration
·         Spotlight at Written Rest

Friday, November 22
·         Spotlight at Tricia Mingerink
·         Author Interview at Allison Grace Writes

Saturday, November 23
·         Spotlight at Perfectly Quirky in Every Way
·         Spotlight at Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm
·         Tour End at Jaye L. Knight

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