Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Resistance Sale Report + Bargain eBook Websites

I’m kind of late in posting this, but I’ve been busy lately with filling a bunch of Christmas orders from my Etsy shop and working on the surprise project I mentioned on Facebook the other day (my lips are totally sealed for now). But, as you probably know unless you’re just visiting my blog now, I had a 99 cent sale on Resistance from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. My final count was 110 sales. Could have been better, but it wasn’t the worst either. As part of the sale, I submitted to a bunch of bargain eBook websites. I’m not sure how much it actually helped, and I only know of a few who posted it for sure. Thanksgiving is the day I had the most sales: 37. It dropped then to about 20 sales a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Monday I was listed on Choosy Bookworm and had my second highest day with 27 sales. I’m sure the listing helped. Either that or everyone was looking for deals being it was Cyber Monday. So I don’t have any really detailed reporting to do on my sale, but I thought I’d share my experience. Whenever I have another sale, it will be interesting to compare and see if having sales around Black Friday and Cyber Monday is actually worth the hype.

But one thing I wanted to do was share the bargain sites I submitted to since they’re all free (which is really hard to find). It took a really long time to submit to all of them. I’m not sure if it was really worth it, but I’d probably do it again just in case it does make a different. Hopefully it can be beneficial to someone else who’s looking for free sites to submit to. After all, I spent hours digging all these up.

I also submitted to eReader News Today (which isn’t free, but worth the price from what I’ve heard), but it was very last minute. I was declined because they didn’t have room to post it (my bad for not making up my mind sooner), but I definitely plan to submit again for my next sale.


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for all the links. I'm wondering, do you just provide them with a .mobi file of the book, or does it link to the Amazon Kindle somehow?

    Also, huge congrats on 110 sales. If I made that many sales during a weekend, I'd totally be on Cloud Nine. haha

  2. Thanks! You just let them know ahead of time that you are going to have a sale and submit the Amazon link. Then they let people know about it through their website and emails. :) Many of the sites have thousands of subscribers to their emailing lists.

  3. This list is awesome! I am definitely referring back to this when I have another sale!

  4. Oh okay, fantastic! Thanks. :)